Fluke 87V LCD Repair Kit includes Fluke OEM gray elastomeric connectors J1 and J2.
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This Fluke OEM LCD is for Fluke 83V, 87V, and 88V Mulitmeters.

Save money. Restore your old Fluke Multimeter. Five Minutes is all that is needed for completion.

Common signs of a bad LCD display are LCD bleeding, or spotting on the display at the corners or edges.  Also, if a meter display shows missing LCD segments after a hard fall, it may be due to a cracked, or broken LCD.

Contact us if you have questions on how to proceed with fixing your Fluke Multimeter.

This New Replacement LCD will work on Fluke 87V, and Fluke 88V Multimeters.












  • Item #: 87vLCD000001
  • Manufacturer: Fluke

Fluke 87V LCD Display

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